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I’ve had a headache since I woke up and it just won’t go away.

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Morgan + Encouragement


Hi again Tumblr!

I want to thank everyone who helped spread my post from the other day.

I’m still looking for a new home for Henry.


Many have pointed out that what my current landlady is doing is illegal, and still that hasn’t stopped her from putting her house on the market. My cats and I are in the way of the renovation crew and with an open house slated in the near future, I have no choice but to move out before the end of the month.

Even if I were to pursue action against her, she’s already inviolation with the city’s zoning for modifying her residence into an unregistered rooming house. I wouldn’t be able to stay in either case, which still means I have one too many cats to take with me to the new place (which at a stretch is borderline unregistered rooming house/inlaw suite, probably is in violation of a few building codes, but is the best that I can find given my severely limited budget courtesy of the ODSP).

Being unable to count on an acquaintance’s promise to help out since he is not taking my calls, I was forced to rely on my landlady’s friends in the business and will be moving out this Friday (tomorrow).

Henry’s an indoor cat (he’s petrified of the outdoors), but he’s so loveable and affectionate. The best part is being the snuggle buddy during the cold winters. After being out all day, he doesn’t get mad and ignores his owner- he’s more of a ‘omg I thought you left me I’m not letting you out of my sight again’ mindset. He’s not finicky about food, in fact, he could be a bit overeager when it comes to meals. He quickly overcomes any shyness when strangers come by- he’s even gone as far as wanting a good petting session when I had a repairman over to hook up the cable connection.

Since I will be sharing the new address with other people, I had to beg the new landlady to allow me to bring one cat with me. I definitely did not feel confident I could convince her into allowing two when she had to be talked out of ‘absolutely no pets’. This place I finally settled upon after 8 days of searching, visiting 4-5 places every day.

Please, please, Tumblr I need your help finding Henry a good home that will take care of him. I’d rather not let him go, but it’s so hard finding a place to begin with, and has proven to be an arduous task (considering that I had just gone through this ordeal about 10 months ago and thought finding this place was a blessing after having looked at about 30-40 places). He’s got so much love in him, I want to find a home where he’ll be just as loved.

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I guess Gabriel García Marquez is finally in Macondo.

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when you actually did your homework but forgot it at home


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This film made 0 sense

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Make me choose
anon asked: Criminal Minds or Castle

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Last one for tonight, I love how adorable the pumpkin turned out. :3

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